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SS Kitchen Items

SS Kitchen Items

SS Kitchen

Product Description:

Stainless steel is one of the most common materials found in kitchens today. It's used in everything from appliances to cookware, dishware, flatware and utensils because it is durable, easy to sanitize and corrosion resistant to various acids found in meats, milk, fruits and vegetables.

At SMVK, we understand that commercial kitchens are the busiest places in the hospitality industry. The rush goes on from morning to night without any respite. This calls for increased efficiency and an utmost hygienic atmosphere with extremely durable equipment.

Stainless steels’ impermeable surface prevents the absorption of moisture and the resulting decay. Most importantly though, stainless steel is a safe option when it comes to use with food and beverage, as there are no chemicals that can migrate into your food from these products.

The major stainless-steel components of a commercial kitchen are food-grade work benches, sinks, shelving, cabinets as well as cool and dry storage.

Product Specifications:

Name SS Kitchen Items
Material Stainless Steel
Brand SMVK

Why Stainless Steel is all-important in Commercial Kitchens?

Stainless steel is the standard for all kitchen furnishings and equipment for three key reasons:
  • It’s highly durable
  • It’s easy to maintain
  • Its properties make it ideal for food preparation

Together, these reasons make the material ideal for catering professionals, who need the balance of high performance and low maintenance. But make no mistake, it isn’t perfect. Read on to better understand the unique qualities of stainless steel and how to get the most of it for years to come.

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